Sustainable Smart Home opens at Lambton College

Students donned green shirts today to welcome visitors through the newest facility on main campus at Lambton College  during the Sustainable Smart Home Grand Opening and Open House ceremonies.  Over 100 people took their turn touring the $1.2 Million facility to hear about the varied cutting-edge technologies that fill the Smart Home. went along on a private tour of the facility, beginning with the main floor:

Next we go to the basement to check out some of the essential systems of the home:

And finally, we get a glimpse of the eco-friendly features of the roof.

In the works for five years, friends of Lambton College celebrated last October as construction was given the “green light” and the project broke ground.  Eight months later, the facility stands on main campus as a beacon of sustainable activity, not only showcasing new technologies, but built to test those very technologies for efficiency for generations to come.

Some Features include a passive solar wall, a thermal mass wall, day lighting, exterior heath block awning, a solar water heating system, a solar photovoltaic system, a solar air heating system, green roofing and a geothermal heating and cooling system.
Lambton College officials see the facility as a multi-purpose asset; for faculty to teach and conduct research, for students to learn and participate and for community members to access for ideas and knowledge.

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