200 episodes later, ‘The Show’ continues to make positive impact on Sarnia-Lambton

David Burrows will host a 'Celebration' at Cheeky Monkey this coming Saturday, Sept. 5

It’s been a challenge. A delight. And a lot of work.

For David Burrows, for many years best known as a karaoke host, hosting “The Show”—a video podcast that can be seen on Lambton Shield and elsewhere—is nothing short of a personal experience in giving back to the community where he was born and continues to choose to live.

And now he’s getting ready to celebrate a phenomenal 200 episodes of the production in what may be one of the most appropriate ways possible, a three-hour kind of “open mike” event with local bands playing and even a cake specially prepared by Jennifer Moons, one of David’s biggest fans.

Mostly because Burrows encouraged us (perhaps tongue in cheek) to actually watch Episode 1 of The Show, which made it to “air” on November 7, 2011, we present it here:

We asked Burrows how the idea for The Show came together. Here’s his version of that thought process:

In just about every episode he’s done, Burrows has stayed true to his original objective, at least in part responding to those who might otherwise be sitting on their couch, bemoaning what they might perceive as a lack of things to do in Sarnia-Lambton. Nothing could be farther from the truth, he fervently continues to believe.

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