Local budding film maker debuting two of his latest works this New Year’s Day

Aaron Esser is premiering 'Elite Nerf Force' and 'Elite Nerf Strike' at River City Community Centre

A group of actors that can be seen in two "Elite Nurf" productions are, from left: Mya Guerette (9), Austin Kelway (20), Andrew Esser (20), Mason Guerette (7), Kailey Esser (20), Aidan Smith (11), Tom Fleischer (21), Taylor Esser (18), Casey Guerette (7), Aaron Esser (22), Mitchell Guerette (10), Josh Coutts-Smith (23)

Aaron Esser, a 22 year old Sarnia resident, has been doing short films for about seven years now, with his most recent productions—the 35-minute Elite Nerf Strike and 15-minute Nerf Force going up on the “big screen” at River City Community Centre on January 1.

Esser, who did two years at Lambton College’s digital photography program, continues to dream about making movies. Unlike most who share that dream, however, he’s been actually doing something about it.

The trailer for Elite Nerf Strike can be seen below:

These particular films, both of which are “family friendly,” have one “main character” who gets his Nerf gun stolen before he calls in (you guessed it) the Nerf force to help him out.

Aaron Esser, left, and Mitchell Guerette are featured in "Elite Nerf Force."
Aaron Esser, left, and Mitchell Guerette are featured in “Elite Nerf Force.”

Both films were shot in the Sarnia and Sombra areas and feature more than 20 local youth.

One of Esser’s videos, released just a month ago, have over 3 million views, according to a media release.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Ticket prices are $7 per person ($5 per person for a family of four or more).

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