New Christian school now set to open in September

Lambton County Christian Academy renting space from Christ Lutheran Church near Bright's Grove

It’s taken longer than originally expected, but it appears the idea for the Lambton County Christian Academy, first “birthed” when a local church closed its own school nearly two years ago, is now a reality.

Tim Knapp, who chairs the LCCA, said the group has finally secured an agreement with another church—the Christ Lutheran Church at Telfer near Lakeshore Road—to rent space for the new school, with classes to begin in September 2016.

Tim Knapp is one of the parents forming the new Lambton County Christian Academy.
Tim Knapp is one of the parents forming the new Lambton County Christian Academy.

Knapp, who works as an engineer (he manages health and safety as well as sustainability issues at LANXESS), says the group has three teachers hired as well as a principal who has similar experience in a Christian school in London.

Unlike other options once considered by the LCCA, Christ Lutheran, which was the site of an original St. Michael’s Catholic School before it rebuilt in Bright’s Grove, will require very little work. “We have to replace one of the doors,” said Knapp. “That’s about it.”

“This is just about ideal for our purposes,” he added.

Knapp said the organizers looked at dozens of potential sites for the LCCA and came close to an agreement with at least two, but ultimately those plans ran into insurmountable obstacles.

In this case, LCCA organizers heard about the church wanting to possibly sell the property due to the high cost of upkeep. LCCA’s offer to rent the facility that is otherwise used only one day a week and one evening, worked out well for all parties.

Tuition fees run from $4,500 a year for one child in junior or senior kindergarten on a part-time basis up to $11,000 a year for three or more children going to school on a full-time basis. A full schedule of fees is on the organization’s website (

Knapp can be reached by email at

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