Tips on how to ‘share honestly’ on social media

Local blogger has ideas on how to create 'emotional connection'

When we share honestly we have the potential to create real and meaningful relationships.

Social media and the mobile use of these sites provides businesses with an opportunity to connect with their consumers in a way they have never been able to until the last few years.

Optimizing on social sharing and working with social influencers allows a brand to become part of a consumers everyday entertainment and communication. This gives the opportunity for the brand to create an emotional connection with the consumer that without social media they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.

Developing effective social media pages requires many components, through my own personal trial and error here are some strategies and tips that I have found will engage others and develop an active online community.

Space Your Content

You may have a photo shoot or a day where you have time to create a ton of content and your first instinct may be to share everything all at once because you are so excited about what you have created. I totally get that feeling but you don’t want to overwhelm your community and you want to give each piece of content the appropriate exposure it deserves so space your content. This will also allow you to post content over a longer period of time.

Treat Each Platform Differently

Many social media platforms make it easy for you to share content from one platform across all of your platforms at once. This makes sense sometimes saving you time and giving maximum exposure but doing it all the time creates identical social pages not giving your audience a reason to follow you in different places.

Consider how your business could benefit from using your chosen social media platforms differently, then write a description for the different content types that you plan to share on your various pages, this will help you to stay organized in sharing your content.

Mix Scheduled Content With Realtime

There are many social media scheduling tools that can save you time and allow you to reach an audience that you may not normally be able to reach. For example, posts can go live during your sleep time while others are awake online browsing. Scheduled content could be basic information about your business, industry and products or services. This content can be scheduled and scattered throughout the day and night. In between your scheduled content, it is important to offer a mix of realtime content. What is going on with your business right at a specific moment, behind the scenes details of your industry and information that may not be relative tomorrow or even in a few hours.

Make Time To Converse

If you showed up to a networking event and went around the room introducing yourself, talking about the promotions you had going on and didn’t ask one questions about anyone else, people would think you were pretty rude. The same etiquette applies to social media. If you are constantly posting information about your business but never interacting with other businesses or individuals, you’re missing the “social” part of social media. Make time in your schedule to chat with your online community just as you make time to chat with your real time community.

Share Your Best Content

If you are use to posting content really frequently it may feel odd when you have a day that there is not much to share. Resist the temptation to share content that is not of your regular quality to simply share. Instead use your online time to interact with your community or maybe discover someone new. You could also share some awesome content produced by the people in your network.

Be Personal

If you are a business or corporation, do your best to make your communication personal so your audience can relate to you. When someone feels they can relate to an individual or brand, a connection is formed and they are more likely to purchase from you because they now have a desire to deepen that connection with you and or your company. This may require you sharing your personal voice or the voice of employees from time to time but your reach will expand because of it and your potential for creating meaningful relationships will increase as well.

Offer Value

Give your audience content that will benefit their lives. As a makeup artist, the people who follow my Facebook page are interested in beauty so I am constantly sharing tips and tricks that will help them to apply their makeup better, find useful products and other beauty resources. I would say 90% of my content is beneficial to them and 10% is me asking them for something. Always give your audience more that what you ask from them.

Collaborations Or Social Influencers

If you manage a corporate brand and really want to develop a more personal relationship with your consumers, consider connecting with a social influencer that is a part of your target demographic. Having an individual share your brand as part of their lifestyle demonstrates how your brand is used and how all of your consumers could benefit from it.

It’s easy to forget that there are real people behind the posts. The content we consume influences our lives and the brands and people we connect with become part of our lives. Connecting with our audience can be fun, assist with business expansion and help us to improve what we do by interacting and accepting feedback. I hope these tips help you to take your social brand to new heights in 2016. We would love to hear from you, what social strategies have helped you to better reach your audience, please comment below.

Heather Lapier describes herself as a follower of God, wife, mom, makeup artist, blogger & YouTuber. We’re pleased to have her on board as a contributor to Lambton Shield. She can be reached through her website ( or by e-mail: [email protected]

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