Rosewood Manor resident finds joy in fulfilling her hobby

Birdwatcher uses birdhouse given by her daughter

Rosewood Manor resident Pauline Rockx is seen here filling the home's birdhouse with seed.

Birdwatcher Pauline Rockx now has an avenue to further embrace her hobby, thanks to a birdhouse her daughter gifted to Rosewood Manor.

Every day, Rockx goes outside and feeds the birds that flock to the Sarnia retirement community’s yard. Even the snowy yard doesn’t slow her down, says activity director Bev James.

The home has provided Rockx with a long stick with a bowl that’s glued and duct-taped to the end. She fills the bowl with birdseed each day, reaches into the birdhouse and pours the seed inside for her feathered friends during chow time.

The birdhouse is located outside the window in Rockx’ room, but it’s meant for all residents to enjoy, says James.

But Rockx has taken it upon herself to feed the birds and looks forward to it every day, she adds.

“(Pauline) is very independent and wants to feed them herself,” James says. “She loves the birds and she wants to feed them – she also feeds the squirrels that come into the yard.”

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