Sarnia Police say man fell from roof of Russell Street business

Sarnia Police say they are continuing to investigate an incident that left one man injured after a fall from a roof of a business in the 100 block of Russell Street early Monday evening.

The man, 21 years old, was said to be running around the roof, waving his arms and yelling incoherently to himself.

Police say they attempted to communicate with the man but there not able to make any sense of what was being said. In addition, his actions were causing concern that he would fall or jump.

Eventually, the man did fall when he attempted to push away a ladder that was put in place as an option for him to climb down from the rooftop.

The man, who police say was in possession of a knife, was also seen swinging from electrical wires to the building and Bluewater Power had been dispatched to shut off the power.

Police say every attempt was made to negotiate with the man. His fall came after he slipped from the roof.

The man is said to have received minor injuries and was transported to hospital.

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