Sarnia City Councillors will have their ‘own space’ to meet constituents

One-year trial has backing of most, but not all

Photo by Sean Marshall via

Sarnia City Council has approved—on a one-year pilot basis—having an office space available for Councillors who can meet with constituents in a place other than their homes, place of business or a local coffee shop.

But one of two members of Council—veteran member Dave Boushy—said he still prefers the “Timmy’s” as a venue for the occasional visit with members of the public who want to see him.

Mayor Mike Bradley, who has also gone on the record as opposing the move (he and Boushy said as much in a recorded vote), has cited potential privacy concerns, noting that the space being proposed is close to his own office on the southwest corner of City Hall’s second floor.

Those views did not sway the other members of Council.

“I believe we need to have something like this at this particular time,” said Councillor Anne Marie Gillis. “I believe it’s good to do it on a pilot space to see if people use it and don’t abuse it, so to speak.”

Councillor Matt Mitro, who brought forward the motion (seconded by Councillor Brian White), said he added the “one-year pilot” to his motion after receiving feedback from Councillor Mike Kelch, who did not attend Monday’s meeting.

The new space is presently occupied by City Manager Margaret Misek-Evans, who plans to move to an office previously occupied by the City Clerk.

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