Bowman Centre responds to Premiers’ Canadian energy strategy

Canada’s Premiers and Territorial Leaders made a big step forward in their Canadian Energy Strategy (CES) by connecting two pillars in Canada’s energy system, hydrocarbons and electricity.

By co-investing in these two pillars, Canada can continue to contribute to the sustained global demand for hydrocarbon and petrochemical products while simultaneously making major reductions in North America’s greenhouse gas emissions through expanded trade in low- carbon electricity.

The Bowman Centre has released its report—”Leading Innovation in Canada’s Energy Sector”—which outlines the pathway for implementing many of the recommendations in the Premiers’ energy strategy.’sEnergySector-February2016.pdf

The Bowman Centre report:

—Describes the job and wealth impact of past big energy projects on Canada’s economy and summarizes how these projects were initiated and financed.

—Stresses the importance of managing Canada’s energy resources as an innovation-led, integrated system which will maximize the benefits of each energy source and will minimize their individual environmental shortfalls.

—Encourages Canada to reverse its reputation as “hewers of wood and drawers of water” by investing in innovative technologies to lever and process its electrical power and hydrocarbon resources.  For example, process bitumen into new and innovative high value products, including products not intended for combustion, while expanding renewable hydroelectric power capacity.

—Supports the development of a national electrical grid to enable the distribution of low-carbon hydroelectric and other renewable power sources to both domestic and United States markets.

—Offers to assist the Council of the Federation in identifying promising new technologies to meet the objectives of their Canadian Energy Strategy, and to monitor progress towards those objectives.

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