Northern boys curling team wins LKSSAA championship


The Northern boys curling team (Ian Thomas, MacKenzie Chamberlain, Nicholas Laird, Jordan Walsh, and Joseph Iaccino) competed in a thrilling day of curling in Blenheim, Ontario on Monday, February 22.

The boys won their first game against St. Patrick’s with an impressive score of 11-2 and then later won their second game against Wallaceburg with an exciting score of 7-3. The boys were crowned LKSSAA champions and continue on to SWOSSA to compete in Windsor, in hopes of continuing on to OFSAA.

“We played well, we kept our heads, we didn’t get cocky even with a lead, we didn’t get down even when we were down by 3. We just played our game and won doing it,” said Ian Thomas.

As the games continue, Northern travelled to Windsor for their SWOSSA meet. The boys played and won their first game by 1 point, although they lost their second game by 1 point after a rough 9 ends.

Overall, the boys curled well and won the title of LKSSAA Champions.

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