Northern mentors help grade 9 students find their way

Shanika Mahakul , Nicole Bus, and Noah McEwan

Northern peer mentors host and prepare a pancake breakfast for grade 9 students. Students are offered juice or water, a pile of golden pancakes, and a chance to socialize with fellow classmates and mentors. Peer mentors have a chat with their group, getting to know their group, and making sure that their event is going as planned.

The peer mentoring program offers a fun way for grade 9 students as they transition from elementary school to high school. The peer mentors come up with creative ideas for fun activities, working together as a team.The first Monday of every month, known as Mentor Monday, the mentors provide a fun activity for new students, such as Gingerbread house contest, tie dying T-shirts, and of course, Frosh Day, to give them a chance to socialize with peers and ask mentors questions.

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