Sold out crowd at the Station for Smash Wrestling

Councillor Brian White will again enter the ring as a wrestler in January

The stars of Smash Wrestling packed the house at the Station

A packed house at the Station witnessed an evening of excitement and entertainment and a member of council handcuffed, as Smash Wrestling put on another amazing show.  Being taped for their On Demand Services, Rumble At The Border was sold out and that made Sarnia a definite member of the Smash Wrestling’s family of cities.  The company who can be seen on the Fight Network and who have partnered up with other organizations like Impact Wrestling has officially claimed Sarnia as a home away from home for their shows.

The night featured amazing matches were Halal Beefcake defeated the Riot Makers, a triple threat match where people saw International star Mark Andrews who has appeared on WWE TV face former Smash Wrestling Champion Matt Cross and Tarik.

Bodies were flying everywhere, but the highlight of the night was when Sarnia member of City Council, Brian White,  who was in the corner of Brent Banks, got handcuffed to Anthony Kingdom James who was backing his man, Sebastian Suave.

The match was a great display of athleticism, with high flying moves that brought ooohs and awwwws from the audience.  In the end, good did prevail but at a cost as Councillor White was handcuffed to the ring ropes and was helpless as both Suave and James beat down Banks.  That led to a challenge being issued to White to again step into the ring, but this time as an active wrestler and be Brent Banks tag team partner when Smash returns on January 19th.

Anthony Kingdom James, manager of Sebastian Suave, had some harsh words for the councilman, questioning his manhood, his ability to serve the city and even his parenting skills.  James also had some choice words about the city of Sarnia, which he refused to acknowledge as a city, and said if anyone from Sarnia had a problem with his views then come to the show in January and tell him to his face.

White says he is working on his moves list and even a finishing move which he calls The Traffic Ticket. White is keeping the description of the move top secret right now, so as not to tip off his opponents.

The highlight of the night was a Smash Wrestling Championship match featuring current Champ Tyson Dux, who has appeared on WWE TV in their cruiserweight classic, and international star Joe Hendry, who was in the WWE UK tournament.  Dux did retain his title but the crowd was privy to an amazing match with both men showing respect to each other.

Scott Hunter, coordinator with Smash, was overwhelmed with the response from the fans as they literally ran out of chairs for fans wanting to see the show.  He says working with the Station has been a great experience and opened up a great market for the wrestling company that they hope will grow.

This is Smash’s third trip to Sarnia and Hunter says the audience growth has been amazing.  “Each time we come to Sarnia, the audiences get bigger and louder and it really is great to see so many fans embrace Smash.”  Smash Wrestling will return to Sarnia on January 19th when Councillor Brian White will tag with Brent Banks against Sebastian Suave who will have Anthony Kingdom James as his partner.  More information on tickets and other performers is available on the Smash Wrestling website at

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