A summer of fun . . . and it isn’t quite over yet!

Enjoy all that Sarnia Lambton has to offer, starting with these choice examples

The cool breeze that was blowing last week made everyone realize that summer is coming to a close, but this week will be a hot one. We still have time to soak up that summer sun and enjoy what Sarnia Lambton has to offer this time of year.

Here are some of my must do items during summer in Sarnia Lambton.

Warning: I love food and most of my favourite activities revolve around eating so you might get hungry reading this article.

Purdy’s Fisheries

Farmers Market
Sarnia Lambton has several area farmers markets from which to choose.

We are lucky enough to have one of Ontario’s finest fisheries in our backyard. We can enjoy delicious fish and chips with a view of the St. Clair River at Purdy’s Fisheries & Eatery. You can take out too but if there is room on the patio, why not sit awhile and enjoy the view.


Farmers Markets

Here in Lambton County we have a selection of farmers markets from which to choose. You can shop on Wednesday and Saturday mornings at the market in Mitton Village and enjoy the famous spring rolls while you shop. If you are more of an evening person, you can shop fresh produce from the Moonlight Market under the Blue Water Bridges on Thursday nights. Petrolia also has a great market on Saturday mornings and if you’re lucky, the Donut Diva will be there too.

Sarnia Farmers Market – http://www.tourismsarnialambton.com/listing/mitton-village-shopping-area/

Moonlight Market – http://www.tourismsarnialambton.com/events/thursdays-moonlight-farmers-market-5/

Petrolia Farmers Market – http://town.petrolia.on.ca/residents/farmers-market/

Donut Diva – https://www.facebook.com/DeesMiniDonuts

Ice Cream Galore

I grew up in Camlachie and as a child, me and my sisters would persistently request that our parents take us to get ice cream cones at Ice Cream Galore. There was perfectly good ice cream available in Camlachie, but the experience didn’t compare to that of the cornerstone of ice cream shops in Lambton County, Ice Cream Galore, in the heart of Point Edward.


Parks Blueberries is a distinct treat for residents and visitors alike.
Parks Blueberries is a distinct treat for residents and visitors alike.

Parks Blueberries

This year I took my first trip to Parks Blueberries to pick some fruit and have lunch in their cafe. I was amazed at the beauty of their farm and felt so blessed to live near such an abundance of fresh fruit. We had a great day at the farm for lunch, picking and shopping the baked goods on our way out. This is a must visit spot for your family.


Cox Youth Centre

As a first time mom this summer I have been getting lots of great info from my friends with young families, about all the great things we can do with our kids. The CoxYouth Centre is my new favourite park and splash pad and I can not rave about this place enough. My son is almost a year old and not quite walking yet. The plash pad at the Cox Centre is so perfect for him because it has a smooth bottom and allows him to crawl through the water. The water collects a little in the middle and creates a small pool for the kids (and parents) to get really wet! There is a big fish slide and tons of things to play with and look at. The grassy area is perfect for a picnic lunch or mid swim snack. The outdoor pool looks super fun too and I am sure Luke will enjoy that one day as well.



In Sarnia Lambton visiting the beach is an obvious fun thing to do! I love seeing Facebook posts from my friends at the beach, still in awe of the beauty that is freely available to us all summer long. There are so many beaches, comment below and tell us which spot is your favourite and why.

Bridge Fries

When some of my relatives come to visit, they insist on visiting the Blue Water Bridges and enjoying some bridge fries as we watch the boats go by. You can get fries from a truck anywhere but they just taste better under the bridge.

Ferry Rides

I live in Corunna now but before I did, I didn’t know about the Sombra Ferry and the great little restaurants that wait for you on the other side of the St. Clair River. One of my newer favourite summer past times, is walking onto the ferry in Sombra and riding over for dinner at Gars Bar or Anita’s. An evening ride on the ferry is so beautiful and a great way to enjoy the St. Clair River.


Downtown SarniaDowntown Sarnia

I love our little downtown which continues to grow. I love strolling with my son after coffee on a weekday afternoon or alone on a Saturday morning after a yoga class at Inner Dawn Yoga. I will grab a dark roast coffee from Coffee Culture, stroll through One Tooth for yoga gear, then Shoes @ 144 Front for the latest in shoe fashion and finish with a quick healthy lunch at Organic Greens. Those are just a few of my favourite spots but there is so much to explore, take your time walking around next time you find yourself in downtown Sarnia.

Inner Dawn Yoga – http://innerdawnyoga.com

Coffee Culture – http://www.coffeeculturecafe.com

One Tooth – http://www.onetoothsarnia.ca

Shoes @ 144 Front – http://www.myshoe144.com

Organic Greens Cafe – https://www.facebook.com/GreensOrganicCafe

These are just a few of  the activities I try to make time for during the summer months in Sarnia Lambton. Summer is almost over but not yet, you can still squeeze a few of these into your last days. I would love to know what is on your Sarnia Lambton summer to do list, please comment below.

Heather Lapier describes herself as a follower of God, wife, mom, makeup artist, blogger & YouTuber. We’re pleased to have her on board as a contributor to Lambton Shield. She can be reached through her website (www.heatheraudreylapier.com) or by e-mail: heatherlapier@gmail.com.

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