Afton Park turns gigantic rhubarb plant into many rhubarb pies

Residents, along with the food services and life enrichment departments, worked together to make this special dessert

When life handed Afton Park Place a gigantic rhubarb plant, the food services team made rhubarb pies.

But this couldn’t have been done without the help of some of the Sarnia long-term care community’s residents who love gardening.

The story begins with a huge rhubarb plant that was growing in an Afton Park courtyard. Food services manager Pauline Charlton saw an opportunity on June 5 to marry the residents’ love of gardening with their love of rhubarb pie, so she asked the life enrichment team to help them uproot the plant.

Once that task was completed, the rhubarb stalks were handed over to Doug in the food services department who prepared the rhubarb and made pies for dessert that evening.

Pauline says there are more opportunities for this same type of collaboration in the near future.

The life enrichment department plans to plant tomatoes and herbs that will be used to enhance many recipes the food services department creates, she says.

Pauline says it was a collaboration from residents and the food services and life enrichment departments that made the “field to fork” rhubarb pies possible.

“It was great seeing how the residents and different departments came together to surprise the residents with food from the garden,” Pauline tells S&R Today.

“The residents loved the pie and were excited to be a part of the story.”

This story was provided to the Steeves & Rozema Group by Axiom News and originally appeared on the S&R Today website. Republished with permission.

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