Alzheimer Society is helping improve quality of life for those living with the disease

Locally, May 27 is a golden opportunity for more people to play a role

When I saw Marie Marcy-Smids at an event just a few weeks ago, it was something of a flashback given that we were colleagues more than a quarter-century ago when last worked together at one of the petrochemical companies in town.

Discovering that she had spent the previous three years in Bermuda and that she had three adult children, all of whom are now engineers, made at least one of us feel that much older.

Marie Marcy-Smids, left, and Melanie Bouck, both of the Alzheimer Society of Sarnia-Lambton, talked with J.D. Booth in this episode of Spotlight.

But I also found out that Marie is now working as fund development and communications coordinator at the Alzheimer Society Sarnia-Lambton, helping narrow the funding gap that exists in delivering services, not just for those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, but the families who deal with a particularly hurtful disease.

That lead to us sitting down, Marie and Melanie Bouck, who serves as CEO, to talk about how that help might get a boost.

We talked not just about their backgrounds but also how this organization, with offices in the Chris Dawson Centre, uses the funding it gets to dramatically improve the quality of life for the community affected by Alzheimer’s.

The fact is, for every person living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, there are hundreds of people dedicated to helping.

On Sunday, May 27, the organization is hosting the area’s Walk for Alzheimer’s, an opportunity to step up to help close that funding gap, something both Melanie and Marie spoke about in our conversation.

If you’re interested in participating, I welcome you to check out the Facebook page for information on how to help.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the conversation and share with your network!

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