Annual Salmon Derby now underway

Anglers of all ages are doing their very best to 'outdo' one another

Lucas Desousa, 19, of Sarnia proudly shows off his catch of a rainbow trout on Day 1 of the 2017 Salmon Derby, sponsored by Bluewater Anglers.

It’s an annual event that for those who seemed to be destined to spend a good part of their lives with a fishing rod in hand, just makes the winter wait worth it after all.

It’s the 41st incarnation of the Salmon Derby, which began on Friday, April 28. It ends at 3 p.m. on Sunday, May 7.

Lambton Shield caught up with Lucas Desousa on Day 1 of the event, right after he caught a rainbow.

Thanks to the generosity of Dave Brown of Bridgeview Marina, the removal of the old Sarnia Bay boat ramps and the delay in building new replacement ramps has not left the entrants without options.

Anglers fishing out of Sarnia will have to use the single boat ramp at Bridgeview Marina until the new boat Sarnia Bay boat ramps are completed in June or later.

The boat ramp is located at Bridgeview Marina at the end of Venetian Boulevard across from Purdy’s Fisheries. Improvements will be made to the boat ramp and the dock at Bridgeview Marina to make the launching and loading of boats easier.

Two attendants will be present to assist with traffic control and launching and loading of boats. Vehicles and trailers will park on the grass in front of Purdy’s Fisheries.

Free Dockage at Bridgeview Marina

In an effort to ease traffic & congestion at the boat ramp, Bridgeview Marina will provide free dockage for all 2017 Salmon Derby participants during the 10 day derby. Boats will be docked in the secure 100 – 800 dock area located beside the Holiday Inn Golf Course.

Bridgeview Marina will provide stacking for anglers who do not want to leave their boat in the water during the derby. A free lift into and out of the water is available if the boat is too big to use the Bridgeview Marina boat ramp.

The gas docks at Bridgeview Marina will be open during the Salmon Derby.  Contact Bridgeview Marina (1-800-265-0330 or 519-337-3888) to get your free dock for the Salmon Derby.

Sarnia Weigh Station

Due to the ongoing construction around Sarnia Bay and the decision to dock boats at Bridgeview Marina, it has been decided to move the Sarnia weigh station to the Bridgeview Marina parking lot on Venetian Boulevard (located between Venetian Village and the Holiday Inn) for the 2017 Salmon Derby.

The weighs station hours will be the same as usual (NOON – 8:00 PM daily except NOON – 3:00 PM on Sunday, March 7th).

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