Another ROOMS coming to Lighthouse next Friday

Open/Create: Bring a something you've been working on (and the supplies you need to keep it going) to our Open/Create room. Knitting? Painting? Sewing? Scrap booking? Creating something? We'll have a communal space set up to support our creating togetherness / togetherness creating. Enjoy your craft with some company. Room to openly create in community.

Listen/Speak: Do you value written words, heard words, spoken words as well as maybe no words? Our Listen/Speak room will have the space to both listen and speak as we'll begin with shared readings. Is there scripture that's been speaking to you? A poem? An essay? Thoughts on a book? Come with something to share. Words are food for thought. Share your food with some company. Later on in the evening, we'll create the space for quiet contemplation, meditation, journal-ing and other forms of silent spiritual disciplines. Room to listen for God to speak.

Music/Collective: Do you appreciate music, play music, create music or maybe just want to? Do you have the desire to learn a few chords? Need a brush up on your rhythm skills? Bring your instrument of choice to the Music/Collective room where we'll begin with an informal rhythm class. After a few tips, choose to join in a jam session or just sit back and take it all in. See what happens as we create and practice music in a collective spirit. All genres of music are most welcome to participate. Later on in the evening, Eddie DeJong will be performing a small acoustic set in the overflow area.  All are welcome to  come and enjoy his tap style, finger picking. Room to create and express.

Prepare/Feast: Do you like to eat? Love to cook? Die to bake? Our Prepare/Feast room is in the kitchen! We'll be exploring the culinary arts as we seek to create and nourish, together. This room with be hosted by our very own, Pam Clifford, chef extraordinaire for the article, Pam's Kitchen, in the regular feature.  Please join Pam as she prepares one of her delicacies with us.  Room to create, nourish and feast together.

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