When applying for a job, make sure you pay attention to the details

Common errors can make the difference in getting a job or missing the mark

There are a lot of common errors candidates make when applying for positions.   In my role here with Express Employment Professionals Sarnia, I see it quite often.

It’s important to remember how you present yourself on paper can have a much larger impact on your consideration than you may know.   Here are a few common errors that occur that could stand in your way of getting an interview or not.

The first error is considerably important for a job that requires attention to detail.   If you are submitting a resume and you have inconsistent font choices, spelling errors or grammatical issues, these errors are taken into consideration on how you will perform in the position.

You have one chance to get it right. When a job posting explicitly states attention to detail you are required to ensure that there are no errors. If a candidate isn’t taking time to make sure their “one chance” for consideration isn’t lost the potential perception of the employer may be that on the job performance will be lacking.   A spelling error is sometimes more than just a spelling error; it can cost you an opportunity.

The second greatest error or missed opportunity is failure to acknowledge key skills.

Here’s the reality: every job posting has explicit key points that they are looking for in their ideal candidate.  For example, in the Sarnia area, SAP experience is a valuable asset.   If a job posting states that SAP experience is an asset or experience with SAP is required and you have SAP experience, you need to include that clearly on your resume.

If a company is looking for a piping designer who can draw in 2D and 3D, and you have relevant experience in both, you need to include both. Don’t assume that just because you stated 3D experience that they will assume you are well-versed in 2D as well.

Don’t miss your opportunity. competition in the Sarnia market is very strong right now and you need to give every potential employer every reason to consider you.

Make sure your resume represents how you would perform on the job as well.

Casie VanRuymbeke is a contract and search specialist with the Sarnia-Lambton office of Express Employment Professionals. She can be reached by email at Casie.VanRuymbeke@expresspros.com.

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