Are you an ‘expert’?

Lambton Shield is 'recruiting' columnists able to offer industry specific advice

Lambton Shield is looking for local "experts" who are able to provide information of interest to readers on a regular basis.

One of the essential elements of a community is the knowledge that we collectively share.

With that in mind, Lambton Shield, a local news website that has been serving the Sarnia-Lambton community, is specifically reaching out to industry experts in a wide range of categories, says Publisher and Editor J.D. Booth.

“We are already providing news of general interest, largely based on what’s happening in local government, as well as numerous local organizations,” says Booth, who started Lambton Shield in November 2010. “We believe we can do an even better job, which is why we’re making this invitation.”

The only “mandatory” requirement for experts is that they be local in their scope.

Booth is asking prospective experts to apply by sending an email indicating their interest in writing for Lambton Shield. Those interested should provide their contact information (phone number and address please) along with a brief introduction and qualifications.

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