Award winning author & former CIBC World Markets Chief Economist Jeff Rubin speaking in Sarnia on June 27

World renowned Canadian economist, best-selling author, former chief economist at CIBC World Markets, and highly sought-after conference speaker Jeff Rubin will be in Sarnia at the historic Imperial Theatre on Jun. 27.

Rubin's not your typical economist, but rather someone who, his proponents would assert, understands the economy better than most.

When he's comes to town, Rubin will talk about Peak Oil and how it’s a critical aspect of our economy that requires understanding and explanation on the tangible impacts to be felt not only in Sarnia-Lambton, but globally as well.

People who understand economics will tell you that Jeff Rubin is just the individual able to provide context regarding our resources and how the strains on them will command necessary change in how we work, play and live.

Not only does Rubin have a reputation of having an extraordinary understanding of what makes the economy tick, people who have listened to him will tell you that you won't ever hear dry, theoretical terminology from him. Rather, those who have heard him speak say he paints a picture through examples and analogies that makes it understandable to laymen and industry insiders alike.

Rubin's best seller "Why Your World Is About to get a Whole Lot Smaller" won him the National Business Book Award.

He's recently published a follow up to his first book called The End of Growth that speaks to  the end of cheap oil.

His premise that we’ll have to make do with less and that our day to day lives will be affected, but asserts that it is not necessarily good or bad – it's just reality.

Sarnia-Lambton is a region heavily involved in both traditional and emerging new energy technology and a leading area in sustainability initiatives.

Rubin's message will talk about how Sarnia-Lambton can better take advantage of its lucrative industries and navigate through the ups and downs of an often misunderstood economy.

Proponents believe hosting high caliber speakers with a message that’s compelling, relevant and timely is a positive event for the community and one that should be well supported.

Jeff Rubin’s presentation, including Q &A will take place at the Imperial Theatre on Jun. 27 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $40 through the Imperial Theatre box office. A copy of The End of Growth is included in the price. Should one wish to purchase the book in advance, they may do so, show their receipt at the Imperial Box office to receive a $10 ticket.

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