Bayside remains (for the moment) in Laschinger’s hands

Dispute with former partner going to court on August 26

For the time being, Bayside Mall is being operated “as is” with Gord Laschinger at the helm.

That could change, at least temporarily, on August 26, the first day of a scheduled commercial court hearing that includes a request by the holder of a first mortgage that Bayside be put back in receivership.

Gord Laschinger
Gord Laschinger

Laschinger has told Lambton Shield that doing so, while not necessarily ideal, may be a way for a dispute between him and Italo Ferrari, a former business partner, to be resolved.

That dispute surfaced a few weeks ago when Ferrari alleged that he was still legally the owner of shares in the company that initially bought Bayside out of its receivership. Laschinger disputes that allegation, saying that he paid Ferrari for the shares.

If the property is put under the authority of a receiver, Laschinger has said he would be a potential buyer, although not necessarily the successful bidder.

Stay tuned.

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  • Sarnian

    Stop promoting these two narcissists, you see they are corrupt.

  • JB1963

    Wake up Sarnia! This guy is a snake and narcissistic, as the previous commenter said, is putting things lightly.

    We saw it all before with his previous projects – failures. Show this guy the door, we don’t want him here.

    While he maintains an impressive facade, like an onion, as you peel back the layers, you see who and what he really is: a fraud. All it takes is some Google searching to read public court documents, filings with the SEC, and newspaper clippings to see that he’s a fake, a snake, and is all talk.

    Get him out of our city once and for all!