A better question than asking someone ‘how are you?’

Probing even a little further might very well create a special moment . . . in your life AND theirs

Not that long ago, I was meeting with someone and I somewhat instinctively asked him how he was doing.

He responded in a way that has since largely changed the way I offer that somewhat perfunctory greeting.

“I don’t ask people that question,” he said to me. “What I ask is what’s the most amazing thing that’s happened to them today.”


I know this guy and I’m certain—because I know his heart—that the “fine-tuning” of a question that we all typically ask the people we greet several times a day isn’t because he doesn’t care to know.

It’s because he wants to steer the response in a direction that we should all be wanting to go.

For a moment, think about what the “amazing” question is likely to bring out in what otherwise might be an “automatic” answer that doesn’t really mean anything, like the “I’m fine, thanks” when things might not be going so good (or not at all).

It could very well begin a meaningful conversation that could lead to something much more significant than the typical interaction we’re used to having.

And that could enrich not only our own day but have a ripple effect.

It’s true that we live in an amazing community, but the full measure of it is something that we all need to seek out to appreciate.

Let’s start this week.

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