Bicyclist faces numerous weapons charges after weekend call

A 46-year-old Sarnia man police say had nine weapons on him when arrested on Saturday (April 6) was held for bail after his arrest in the 700 block of South Indian Road.

The accused, who was on a bike with a knife visible, was in the parking lot of a business. Police say the man appeared incoherent and they could see, in addition to a knife sticking out of a piece of wood attached to his bike, a silver handle protruding from a bag over his shoulder.

Once handcuffed and arrested, police say they found a six-inch stainless steel meat cleaver in his bag, plus four other knives, a straight razor and a stock with a stainless steel ball in the toe. Commonly known as a blackjack, it is a prohibited item.

Police also seized the bike as evidence. The accused faces two counts of carrying a concealed weapons, two counts of weapons dangerous, possession of a prohibited weapon and breach of probation.

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