Bioindustrial Innovation Canada has new staff member

Kurtis Tamming, a student at McMaster University and Mohawk College, is beginning eight-month internship

Bioindustrial Innovation Canada has hired Kurtis Tamming, a third-year engineering technology student at McMaster University, for an eight-month internship.

Tamming is specializing in biotechnology and has recent lab experience working with bioreactors and sterile lab procedures that are critical to the process of making ethanol from sugar.

He expects to graduate with a Bachelor of Technology degree from McMaster as well as an advanced diploma in biotechnology and a business management certificate, both from Mohawk College.

At BIC, Tamming will work on applied research projects within Lambton College and conduct technical and due diligence activities with various BIC projects.

“BIC is very proud of its role to provide students with real business experience and industrial exposure,” said Sandy Marshall, BIC’s executive director. “Gaining this experience is critical for students to find good jobs and transition successfully into the business world.”

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