Bluewater Anglers will hold open house this weekend

Event coming ahead of Bluewater Salmon Derby in late April

Bluewater Anglers, the non-profit that has operated a hatchery adjacent to the Blue Water Bridge since 1985, is holding its annual spring public open house this Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Volunteers with the 300-strong organization will be in attendance for the two-day event.

The club works to restock Lake Huron and the St. Clair River with stocks of chinook salmon, rainbow trout and brown trout and operates the Bluewater Salmon Derby, a 10-day event that will take place this year from April 28-May 7 and which serves as a major fundraiser for the hatchery.

At present, the hatchery has about 45,000 rainbow trout, 11,000 chinook salmon and 22,000 brown trout.

Members from the club get chinook salmon eggs on a trip to Owen Sound that takes place in September. Those eggs are then fertilized and raised at the facility.

Once they’re of the right size, the fish are released into local streams, but not before their back fins are “clipped” to identify them to anyone catching them in the future.

In addition to this weekend’s open house, the Bluewater Anglers host tours of the hatchery for various groups and maintains an outdoor tank that visitors can view and pay 25 cents to get food pellets to feed the fish.

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