Bluewater Health board endorses Quality Improvement Plan

QIP focuses on priority areas as identified by board

Mike Lapaine is CEO of Bluewater Health.

The directors of Bluewater Health’s board of directors have endorsed the organization’s 2019-2020 Quality Improvement Plan (QIP).

Doing so is a requirement under provincial legislation—The Excellent Care for All Act (ECFAA)—which includes development of a formal, documented set of quality commitments to its patients, clients, staff and community to improve quality through focused targets and actions. The QIP exemplifies the hospitals’ commitment to providing high quality, safe patient care.

Developed in collaboration with medical and clinical leaders Bluewater Health’s 2019/2020 QIP contains five key objectives each with measures and targets designed to provide a clear direction for organizational priorities. Bluewater Health Patient Experience Partners (PEPs) provided input, specifically identifying the indicators they felt were important for improving the patient experience at Bluewater Health.

Bluewater Health’s QIP objectives are to

—Improve the information and support patients receive prior to being discharged by developing a standardized discharge process and strategy.

—Decrease the readmission rates for patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)by increasing collaboration between Bluewater Health and community partners and stakeholders.

—Decrease hospital readmission rates for patients with mental illness or an addiction by improving collaborative treatment planning and handover with community partners.

—Decrease time to inpatient bed, improving access for patients by improved bed management and collaborative planning.

—Foster an environment of reporting for workplace violence incidents by increasing awareness of workplace violence and building a culture of incident reporting.

Chief Nursing Executive Shannon Landry said the QIP focuses the organization on indicators and targets that are identified by the board of directors as priority areas of quality, and augments accountability and transparency with the community.

“The goal of the annual Quality Improvement Plan is to make hospitals safer and more effective, sustainable, accessible and patient-centered,” she said. “Our 2019-20 QIP builds on the successes and lessons learned from past years, and is evidence of our commitment to providing high quality, safe patient care.”

Mike Lapaine, Bluewater Health president and CEO, said having the QIP “stretches” the organization, helping to reach even higher performance goals.

“(This) requires the dedicated attention of the entire organization, and indeed the Sarnia-Lambton community, to make meaningful improvements,” said Lapaine.

The Quality Improvement Plan can be found HERE.

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