Bluewater Health earns two regional cancer care awards

Pharmacy and oncology nurse receive 'Summit Awards' as part of Erie St. Clair program

The members starting left are Larry Sterling (Pharmacist), Andrea Wist (Pharmacy Director), Dalia Shahata (Pharmacist), Christie Monaghan (Drug Access Facilitator Technician), Stefanie Bombardier (Pharmacist), Aurea Teel (lead Oncology Pharmacist), Kaitlyn Matthew (Drug Access Facilitator Technician), Tina Stylaniou (Pharmacy Technician), Garry Prokopowich (Pharmacy Manager). Missing are: Elizabeth Krasny and Louise Bandiera, Pharmacists.

The Bluewater Health Pharmacy, and Bluewater Health oncology nurse Carolyn McFadden have been selected to receive the Erie St. Clair (ESC) Regional Cancer Program’s (RCP) Summit Awards. The awards recognize those who work toward the objectives and actions outlined in the RCP’s strategic plan and/or are devoted to minimizing the impact of cancer and improving the quality of life for ESC residents.

Patient-centred Cancer-related Prescriptions

Bluewater Health Pharmacy Care outpatient pharmacy is an accredited outpatient pharmacy that gives Lambton County oncology patients access to oral chemotherapy regimens. “Oncology patients can fill their cancer-related prescriptions at the pharmacy located inside Bluewater Health – and have them delivered during appointments to save trips,” says Samer Abou-Sweid, Vice President, Operations. “Dedicated Drug Access Facilitators work hard so patients receive funding from their insurance company or through government or pharmaceutical programs.”

The oncology pharmacists customize labelling on prescriptions based on the patients’ needs and advise all patients and/or their families on taking the medication correctly in order for patients to better self-manage their care. The pharmacist supports the oncologists and nurses in the oncology clinic on all medication-related needs to eliminate any gaps in treatment plans.

Bluewater Health Foundation in conjunction with Bluewater Health Pharmacy Care has initiated a Pharmacy Care Oncology Patient Fund to allow Lambton County residents to apply for compassionate funds when their drugs are not covered and they do not have enough money to pay for their treatments.

Oncology Nursing Excellence

Carolyn McFadden.

Carolyn McFadden began working as a registered nurse at Bluewater Health in 1991. As the charge nurse of the oncology department, McFadden has often been the first person patients and families see when they arrive in the oncology department, and the last one when they leave.

“Carolyn practices patient and family-centred care each and every day with a great focus on patient experience and quality of life,” says Abou-Sweid. “Carolyn greets each patient by name and with a warm smile or soft embrace when they arrive to the clinic, and well wishes when they leave. This serves as an example for all at Bluewater Health and demonstrates the culture of kindness we strive to achieve organization-wide.”

Recently retired as a charge nurse, McFadden encouraged all of her coworkers to work to the best of their abilities and with the most up-to-date and current practices. She arranges in-service sessions with vendors to help nurses and physicians stay current with new medications and treatments, and encourages all nursing staff to continue their education and maintain certifications, in order to provide the best care possible for patients and families.

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