Bluewater Health’s Dr. Michel Haddad honoured with ‘Award of Excellence’

Chief of Professional Staff recognized for time and energy devoted to making Western University's medical school a rewarding place to learn

Dr. Michel Haddad, chief of Staff at Bluewater Health.

Dr. Michel Haddad, Chief of Professional Staff, Bluewater Health, has received an Award of Excellence for Faculty in Community/Distributed Sites, from Western University’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry.

The award recognizes the tremendous amount of time and energy Dr. Haddad devotes to making the School a rewarding place to learn and his exceptional interest and enthusiasm for the learning needs of trainees. The award was presented at Schulich’s Celebration of Excellence Dinner on Thursday, May 30 in London.

“We congratulate Dr. Haddad for this recognition of his hard work to build the relationship between the School and Bluewater Health for the benefit of the Sarnia-Lambton community and medical students,” says Paul Wiersma, chair, Bluewater Health Board of Directors. “He divides his time between administrative duties and medical practice in the Intensive Care Unit and works collaboratively and closely with the Executive Team, Board of Directors and Professional Staff to support the hospital’s strategic mission of high quality, safe, and compassionate patient care.”

Award recipients are faculty members in any of the School’s community sites who contribute to Schulich medical and/or dental education programs based on demonstrated leadership, teaching ability, willingness to help trainees beyond the norm, ability to serve as an exemplary role model and other traits such as research.

Medical Leadership

To improve access to local medical care, Dr. Haddad, with the help of the various clinical department medical leaders, has led efforts to recruit a record number of much-needed additions to the hospital’s medical staff: new Psychiatrists to support the mental health program, a new Oncologist to support cancer care, Emergency Physicians, Hospitalists, a Dermatologist, a Respirologist, an Endocrinologist, a Paediatrician, a new Obstetrician, a new Orthopedic Surgeon and many others.

In addition, he leads efforts to strengthen the relationship between the hospital and local community providers as well as enhancing communication between the hospital and members of the medical and Professional Staff within the hospital and community. Under his leadership, the Medical Affairs team has also been working with the Professional Staff Association on physician wellness, which is critical to ensuring our providers are supported so they can continue to care for our patients with less professional burnout.

Dr. Haddad is committed to providing best-in-class, safe, high-quality patient and family-centred care to Sarnia-Lambton residents so they can receive the best care close to home – something he considers to be an essential part of his mission.

As Chief of Staff, Dr. Haddad ensures all hospital Medical and other Professional Staff have the proper credentials to practice at the hospital and oversees the quality of medical practice provided with the help of the various department medical directors. He also chairs the Hospital’s Medical Advisory Committee which oversees the quality of medical care provided throughout the hospital and is responsible for Professional Staff credentialing as well as reviewing all medical and clinical practice policies at the hospital.

Originally from London, Ontario, Dr. Haddad completed his undergraduate education at Western University in Physiology, then completed his medical school and surgical training at the University of Ottawa. He also underwent fellowship training in heart failure & heart/lung transplant surgery at the University of Maryland and completed further training in Critical Care Medicine at Western University.

Additionally, he holds a Masters of Science degree in Epidemiology from the University of Ottawa in addition to undergoing health leadership training at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

He practiced as a Cardiac Surgeon and Interim Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia before joining the medical staff at Bluewater Health in 2010 as the Medical Director of the new Critical Care Program (2010-2016). He was also appointed Interim Chief of Surgery and Interim Chief of Staff (2010-11) and later Chief of Staff (as of December 2015).

Dr. Haddad is a member of multiple medical societies including the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM), Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) and Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) and Canadian Society of Critical Care (CSCC). In addition to his faculty position at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, he serves as the Regional Academic

Director for Western University’s Lambton Medicine Academy and is very engaged with medical students’ and residents’ training in Sarnia/Lambton. Dr. Haddad also has a long track record in research including multiple peer-reviewed scientific publications and book chapters in the fields of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Transplantation and Critical Care Medicine.

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