Bluewater Power giving away clotheslines to encourage energy conservation

Bluewater Power is giving away free retractable clotheslines on Saturday, August 12, at Foodland in Bright's Grove

Travis Poland/Lambton Shield

When it comes to saving energy, it’s the little things that count.

Things like hanging your clothes out to dry can help conserve energy helping both the planet and your wallet.

That’s why Bluewater Power’s Conservation Team has been handing out free retractable clotheslines all summer.

This Saturday, the Utility will be at Bright’s Grove Foodland from 10 a.m. until noon handing out the free clotheslines.

“We’re giving away these small, retractable clotheslines with the efforts to encourage customers to get away from using their dryers,” said Glen Farrow, the director of strategic analysis and conservation and demand management at Bluewater Power.

So far, Bluewater Power has given out over 3500 clotheslines, according to Farrow.

Farrow said spending money encouraging conservation is more effective that spending money building infrastructure to produce more power.

“The focus is to conserve energy in order to be able to limit the amount of generation we would have to build in the future,” he said.

The average clothes dryer uses approximately 100 kilowatt-hours of hydro each month, according to Toronto Hydro.

Bluewater Power’s free 41-foot clotheslines come in a kit with hardware and hooks to be able to hang the device and a clip to prevent the line from drooping.

The clotheslines are also available during regular business hours at Bluewater Power’s office at 855 Confederation Street in Sarnia.

Farrow said Bluewater Power offers other programs such as coupons for LED lights and rebates for energy efficient appliance and home upgrades such as installing new windows and insulation. There are also programs designed for small and large businesses.

Bluewater Power’s customers have been saving hydro, according to Farrow.

“We’ve had some great success,” he said, pointing to the Western Sarnia-Lambton Research Park’s ability to cut energy usage by 44% as an example.

To learn more about Bluewater Power’s conversation efforts, visit the utility’s website.

Bluewater Power provides electrical distribution and related services to Sarnia, Petrolia, Point Edward, Watford, Alvinston, and Oil Springs.

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