Bluewater Power helping with Hurricane Irma relief efforts

Team part of a larger group heading to Tampa

Bluewater Power is proud to be able to contribute to post-Irma hurricane relief. CEO Janice McMichael-Dennis, left, is with Mark Pearson, second from left. Next to him is his team mate, Mike Lepelaars. At far right is Mark Delaurier, Bluewater Power's director of operations. While Delaurier is not going on this trip, he has participated in disaster relief projects in the past.

A crew of Bluewater Power employees are on their way to the Tampa area to help with power restoration activities associated with Hurricane Irma.

The initiative is hardly a new one for the utility, which has responded to many instances of disaster relief over the years, but it remains a testament to a sense of community overall, says CEO Janice McMichael-Dennis.

“We get to show Irma the Canadian spirit at work as we help restore power to the approximately 5 million customers left in the dark in the state of Florida,” said McMichael-Dennis.

Mark Pearson and Mike Lepelaars are two of many linemen who raised their hands when the call for volunteers to take a Bluewater Power truck to join a convoy from the Chatham/St. Thomas/Essex areas.

They planned to cross the border to the U.S. Wednesday morning, heading to Tampa.

That city serves an area of about 2,000 square miles. Notably, Tampa Electric is owned by Emera Inc., a Canadian company headquartered in Halifax.

McMichael-Dennis said additional Bluewater Power employees are likely to be included in the restoration efforts, once the needs become clear in the next few days.

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