Born into family with sports in its veins, Jeff Perry remains connected to hockey

Now a Realtor, Jeff and his wife run a successful '3 on 3' league

Those who know me well are aware that my interest in any kind of sports is “sketchy.” It’s not that I ever gave up on things, just that when I was growing up, our family just wasn’t into hockey, baseball or any other flavour of competitive sports activities.

Even so, I’m reasonably sure that if my parents had seen any kind of potential (or interest for that matter). something might have happened.

But when I got the opportunity to check in with Jeff Perry, there was a spark of interest in at least hearing his story and sitting down for a discussion.

A little embarrassing to tell the truth. I actually didn’t know that Jeff was the grandson of famed Sarnia athlete Norm Perry, for whom the classic athletic park at the corner of Christina St. and Exmouth is named.

So let’s consider this episode of Spotlight as an opportunity to do something of a “deep dive” into what happens when someone who has actually made it in the field of pro sports—hockey in this case—returns home to settle and create value related to his field of expertise.

In Jeff’s case that includes founding “Perry’s 3 on 3 Wild Hockey League,” an enterprise that he and wife manage and which has been sold out the last three years.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and share with your network!

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