Bridging the generations with visit to Twin Lakes Terrace Nursing Home

Group of kindergarten students from Gregory Hogan School connect with seniors

It may have been short notice, but news that kindergarten students from Gregory A. Hogan Catholic School would be visiting at Twin Lakes Terrace Nursing Home must have been exciting to all involved.

The visit, which took place last Thursday, December 12, was an opportunity to spread some Christmas cheer, says teacher Michelle Wall.

Gregory A. Hogan is St. Clair Catholic’s French Immersion school in Sarnia.

The students showered the residents with bilingual Christmas songs and presented them with crafts and Christmas cards, which the students made.

“It was a fun day for both the students and residents, as they bonded across the generations,” said Daniela Mezzatesta, principal of Gregory A. Hogan Catholic School.

“It was fun to see the smiles on all their faces!”

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