Bright’s Grove lakefront residents getting new water line, roadway

$581k project is underway now, with completion expected by end of June

Workers from H.E. Construction are busy at work on a six-inch watermain project that will include the rebuilding of Lakeshore Road between Pine St. and Kenwick St. in Bright's Grove.

Workers with H.E. Construction are well into a project that was approved by Sarnia City Council, the installation of a new six-inch watermain and services as well as reconstruction of Old Lakeshore Road between Pine Street and Kenwick Street in Bright’s Grove.

The cost, approved as part of a tendering process, came in at $580.969.20, which was the lowest bid. The next highest bid was from Henry Heyink Construction, which submitted a bid of $721,721.60. The highest bid was from Brandon Contractors, with a bid of $897,005.09.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of June 2017.

H.E. Construction, a relatively new company located in Cedar Springs, Ont., (near Thamesville), has earned a solid reputation with City staff, having worked on significant projects in recent years.

An agenda item with a recommendation to approve the tender (on April 10, 2017) referenced the successful completion of a relocation of the Donald Lamont Drain project along Waterworks Road south of Lakeshore Road, which was completed by H.E. Construction in 2016.

“The project was a tremendous success and was completed on tie and within the approved budget,” said the correspondence document to Sarnia City Council.

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