Bringing photography to life remains enduring passion

Now focusing on real estate work and helping businesses grow their digital presence, Joe Gorzeman and his 'JoeGoPhoto' brand see growth ahead

Photographer Joe Gorzeman of He and his wife, Jenna Greydanus, also own the Crabby Joe's franchise in Petrolia.

It would be easy to begin a conversation with Joe Gorzeman, the “Joe” behind the photographic brand JoeGoPhoto (, with the typical opening line:

“So where are you from?”

While Gorzeman now lives in the area with a growing family (he and his wife, Jenna Greydanus have two boys, two-year-old Emmett and Leland, who was born in mid-April), he’s also seen a good part of the world.

And while he went to elementary and high school in Petrolia, he actually started out life in New Zealand before his family headed to Canada, landing first in Oshawa. He’s also lived in Alberta, England and even for a few years back in New Zealand before settling in Petrolia.

It was a grade eight class trip that fueled a passion for photography, quite possibly inherited in the form of a gift—an ancient 35mm camera—from his grandfather.

On that trip, to Quebec City, Gorzeman took more photographs than he can remember, so much so that he still has several undeveloped rolls, relics now in the world of digital photography.

“I loved the experience,” says Gorzeman, the fond memories of those days clearly revealed in his voice. “It was the taking of the photos that I loved the most.”

After high school, Gorzeman headed to Fanshawe College for broadcast journalism, learning about the TV and radio industry.

He then moved back to his native New Zealand and worked for his uncle, who is an art director there.

“It was mainly commercial work,” says Gorzeman, “But it kept me in the industry.”

Eventually, there was another tugging on Gorzeman’s heart, that being a young lady that he had known through high school but never really dated.

That brought him back to Canada but not quite to Petrolia on a permanent basis. First, there was Alberta, where he worked as a radio operator in a number of communities, including Fort McMurray and Slave Lake.

There was also a stint in England, but again, Petrolia was calling and Gorzeman made the permanent move in 2009, setting up his JoeGoPhoto company at that point.

At first, Gorzeman admits he was “working for peanuts” (and sometimes not even that), doing lifestyle photos that would at least keep him busy.

“What really excited me was taking on what some people would call a ‘weird’ project, showcasing products in a business setting,” he says. “Those commercial and corporate projects are the stuff that excites me, even today.”

An area in which Gorzeman has added to his portfolio of services is helping businesses build their digital presence, offering Google Business Virtual Tours through specialized equipment he purchased recently.

His services align perfectly with Google’s Small Business Page offerings, but Gorzeman takes that free listing to another level with the iGuide technology.

“It’s a seamless integration with the page that a business already has,” notes Gorzeman, who has been verified by Google as a “trusted photographer.”

Gorzeman also keeps busy with his real estate photography services, putting his iGuide camera to work in that sector.

He says his real estate agent clients love the service, especially since with the technology he brings, they have precise measurements for every room in a house being listed.

“Essentially they come away with a floor plan of the home they’re selling as well as beautiful photographs to go with their listing,” said Gorzeman.

More information on Gorzeman’s services can be found at

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