Broken smartphone got you down? No need to despair

If you're at all into technology, you already know one of the basic rules—anything you start to use and rely on quickly becomes one of life's "indispensable" tools.

And when one of those tools suddenly stops working, regardless of the reason (say, a shattered screen on an iPhone caused by dropping said device on a water-soaked driveway and then possibly stepping on it), you desperately need it fixed.

That's where Chris Vallinga comes onto the scene.

Calling himself "a true computer geek with 15 years' service," Vallinga began servicing computers before those "can't do without" pieces of hardware became more of a commodity than they are today.

And then he stumbled into the world of the smartphone.

"A guy had broken his device and asked me if I could repair it," recalls Vallinga, who works from a home office now well-equipped to handle repairs on just about any iPhone, iPod, iPad, BlackBerry or other device. "I hadn't but I told him, 'it's broken already, why not let me give it a try?'"

Vallinga had enough technical know-how and attention to detail to quickly become one of the area's premier fix-it gurus, so much so that several smartphone dealers hand out his business card to those in need.

But even beyond the smartphone universe, Gadgetz offers a range of other computer-related services, including networking (wired and wireless), backups, Operating System installations, virus removal, and, yes, smartphone and tablet repair as well.

Boasting an unheard-of 24-hour, 7-days-a-week service, Vallinga also offers pick-up, on-site and remote support for both home and business customers.

He is available by phone (519) 381-6876, e-mail or through his website (

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