Bullying on the bus gets two youth in trouble

Sarnia Police say they have arrested two male youths for repeatedly bullying a 17-year-old developmentally delayed student on a school bus.

On two separate days, Sept. 26 and 27, police say a 17-year-old went on what is described as a verbal tirade directed toward the victim. In the second incident, the same 17-year-old accused youth was joined by another youth, a 14-year-old, who is accused of grabbing the victim's iPod from his hands.

When the accused left the bus, the victim went after the thief in an attempt to retrieve the iPod but was further accosted when the accused spit in his face.

Police say video footage of the theft was retrieved from the bus company.

The 17-year-old accused was arrested on Oct. 4 and later released on a promise to appear with an undertaking. He faces charges of uttering threats to cause death and bodily harm and also breach of probation.

The 14-year-old youth, who was arrested on Sept. 27, faces charges of assault, theft and two counts of breach of probation.

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  • Sylvia Freeman

    Where was the bus driver all this time? Did he/she not react immediately – try to stop this attack, or call police right away? Imagine the overwhelming fear and frustration of the one being accosted. No child should have to face this type of thing regardless if developmentally challenged or not. Were the other students affected by fear as well, or did they try to stop this in any way? What an awful society where this sort of thing happends so easily.