As the calendar steady goes toward end of year, United Way total climbs

Officials still hopeful the goal will be reached before New Year's

The sign outside the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton offices at 420 East Street North in Sarnia facing south will be updated on a daily basis until Christmas Eve for all those passing by note the daily process of the fundraising campaign. The homepage of the local United Way website will also be updated regularly at

ARLANXEO employees and retirees pushed the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton campaign totals to over 83% level in this final week before Christmas.  It is great to have this week off to a good start.  Combined with ARLANXEO’s corporate match, the campaign now sits at $1,666,000 from over 3,000 donors.

We also received the campaign totals from Enbridge Pipeline and interim totals from Lambton College.  This afternoon we will get proceeds from CF Industries in Courtright.  Although we have already added most of the results into the overall campaign, we do expect more to be added to our total by the end of the day as the final numbers are announced.

NOVA Chemicals, the largest outstanding employee campaign is expected to wrap up their campaign today and announce their totals on Wednesday.  While we do have special events revenues from NOVA employees, and the retiree donations, we will add in the employee payroll pledges, plus the NOVA Chemical’s matching corporate donation which we hope will bring us to over the 90% level.

In addition, we have many smaller campaigns that when added together, we are hoping will bring us to the mid to high 90% levels.

For us to be successful in reaching the $2,000,000 target, we will need some surprises along the way.  Fortunately, we are continuing to get donations through the mail on a daily basis, and retirees are continuing to stop by the office to make their contributions as well.

There are many ways to contribute including calling the United Way office at (519) 336-5452; stopping by the United Way office at 420 East Street North in Sarnia, or by visiting the United Way of Sarnia-Lambton website at

Donations must be received by the end of the year or cheques received in early January must be dated 2018 are eligible for a 2018 tax credit.

The review process for the next three-year funding cycle for the three dozen or so programs and services has begun and several community volunteers have spent many weeks meeting with agencies and reviewing annual reports and financial budgets.  The funding levels will be announced in mid-January; about two weeks after the final campaign totals are announced.

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