A career of helping is still something that Mike Hurry is pursuing

Life-long resident sees Big Brothers Big Sisters as a key community builder

While there are numerous groups in our community that are making a difference in the lives of a future generation, it’s hard to imagine any single one better poised to make more impact than Big Brothers Big Sisters, a combined group that has as a mission reaching out to families where a leadership role may be needed.

For Mike Hurry, the organization’s executive director, it’s a built-in mission that continues to define his life and one that we think our listeners will appreciate hearing.

In this conversation with Lambton Shield editor J.D. Booth, Hurry, who this year is also president of the Rotary Club of Sarnia, tells us how his early years lead him to pursue work he continues to do and something about how organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters are truly making our community a better placeā€”one big and girl at a time.

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