City Councillor Matt Mitro talks about accomplishments (and challenges)

While not yet committed to run this fall, he does sees a City that's well positioned for the future

It’s been an interesting four years for Matt Mitro, who felt compelled to put his hat in the ring for Sarnia City Council in the municipal election that took place in 2014.

As he explained to me in a conversation we had (recorded May 22, 2018) in an office shared with his fellow Council members on a rotating basis, it wasn’t long before he and others on the new Council began seeing signs of trouble ahead.

This is not, however, a podcast that will get into much of the detail that can be found elsewhere, although Mitro does speak to some of the issues.

Mostly, however, Mitro focuses on what he and other members of Council have been able to accomplish, including having a strategic plan that is being tackled on a systematic basis.

Largely, he says, Council has been able to accomplish a great deal and that is reflected inĀ our 40-minute conversation.

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