City of Sarnia now has its own tartan

Thanks to at least in part to Tom Rankin, who is Pipe Major of the Sarnia Legionnaires Pipe Band, the city of Sarnis now has an "official" tartan, certified as such by the Scottish Register of Tartans under authority of the U.K. Scottish Register of Tartans Act of 2008.

And there's at least a loose connection with, given that the tartan pattern is identical to the Mackenzie tartan–in honour of Alexander Mackenzie, the editor of the original Lambton Shield (published between 1852 and 1854).

Rankin was at city hall on Friday (Oct. 21, 2011) to explain:

Rankin says the approximately 25 members of the Pipe Band intend to transition from the current MacBean tartan. That tartan, the name of which is a celtic version of "Baines," also has a Sarnia connection: Albert Baines is a former member of the Pipe Band.

Rankin hopes the group will be able to fundraise for the approximate $20,000 it will need to make the transition to the Sarnia Tartan, which uses colours from the official Sarnia crest in the pattern of the Mackenzie tartan.

Anyone or any group interested in contributing to the effort should contact Rankin at (519) 862-3978.

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