Coffee table book project beginning to take shape, says photographer Richard Bain

Local Chamber is sponsoring effort, with sponsorships available

If there’s one thing that Richard Bain has learned over several years of producing coffee table books like the one he’s doing in partnership with the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce it’s that the first impressions of an area can sometimes be misleading.

“When we first connected with the Chamber, I was drawn to the water, probably because of the fact that I’m a sailor,” said Bain, who first launched his Binea Press business in 2003. “But it wasn’t long before I began seeing a much bigger picture that is being reflected in our book for this area.”

That book, Simply Sensational Sarnia-Lambton, will go a long way toward describing what Bain now sees as a much richer landscape than first imagined.

“This is not just pictures of people walking through parks,” said Bain, who began his business career in the telecommunications business, eventually turning a hobby into what has become a professional photography publishing business under the Binea Press moniker.

Richard Bain

Today, he has produced some two dozen books, including five involving various Chambers throughout the province.

Famed Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has agreed to write the foreword to Simply Sensational Sarnia-Lambton.

“All of the books we’ve produced have been about what makes the community ticks, including the businesses, the institutions of higher learning, those in the health care profession and everything that makes a place like Lambton County so vibrant and appealing,” said Bain.

With a target publication date of October and several organizations already lined up as sponsors, now is the time to act, says Chamber CEO Shirley de Silva.

“There are just a few remaining spots to fill,” she says. “We don’t want anyone to be disappointed.”

Bain adds that one group of people who won’t be disappointed are those who get a chance to hold a copy of Simply Sensational Sarnia-Lambton in their hands.

“This is a book I know people will take pride in holding as an example of the diversity of Lambton County.”

Bain said he’s also open to specific suggestions on photo subjects for the coffee table book. He can be reached by email: [email protected].

“It’s great to have an extra thousand pairs of eyes on what we’re creating with Simply Sensational Sarnia-Lambton.”

Partnership queries should be directed to Shirley de Silva, who can be reached at (519) 336-2400, ext. 1 or by email ([email protected])

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