Company said to be eyeing alternate site for new area gas-fired plant

A new natural gas-fired electrical facility may not be built on land owned by Ontario Power Generation after all.

Reports that Eastern Power Limited have surfaced that the company is looking at a second possible site, not far from land on the Lambton Generation Station site.

Hubert Vogt, vice president of Toronto-based Eastern, has been quoted as saying both sites are good locations for the new facility, which was originally slated to be built in Mississauga.

The Ontario Liberal government cancelled that project and is reimbursing Eastern Power for costs incurred after public opposition surfaced ahead of the last election.

Both sites have adequate natural gas and electrical supply.

Public open houses are scheduled for August 16 and September 12 at the Courtright Community Hall.

Potential air and noise emissions are part of a provincial environmental assessment.

While the construction phase will require 200 workers, only about 30 permanent positions will be needed at the new facility.

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