Convicted peadeophile sentenced in Sarnia court

Douglas Harold Patrick, a former Lambton County resident who has not lived in Sarnia for over a decade, pled guilty in December to more than 50 sexual offences and was sentenced Monday in Sarnia court to 14 years in jail.

Patrick, 64, sexually abused 18 boys he had lured and groomed with alcohol, drugs, pornography and gifts covering more than seven years in Lambton County during the 1980s.

The court was told the abuse included Patrick masturbating boys, performing oral sex and anal intercourse with boys, and having his victims perform the same sex acts on him.

“It is abundantly clear his actions were planned and deliberate,” said assistant Crown attorney Randy Evans during a prior sentencing hearing.

A pre-sentence report and psychiatric assessment stated Patrick admitted a sexual attraction to boys at the time of the offences, but no longer felt that way.

Patrick denied being a pedophile, but the psychiatrist’s report indicated pedophilia never leaves a person.

Patrick told the court he takes responsibility for his offences and wants to apologize.

Some of the victims had never spoken of the abuse until they were contacted by police during an eight-month investigation that ended in 2011.

During sentencing, Justice Mark Hornblower said, "Patrick’s acts of depravity hit the boys like a tsunami."

Hornblower added, "The impact is shared by victims, their families and the community because some victims’ substance abuse and criminal activity is rooted in the abuse."

Most of Patrick's victims, who came forward during an 8 month investigation by Sarnia Police, have said that he would use drugs and gifts to entice the young boys he abused.

During a prior court appearance, after listening to 45 of Patrick’s charges, a victim’s family member shouted he couldn’t hear anymore and charged the prisoner's box.

He was stopped by court security and police officers before reaching Patrick.For sentencing, Hornblower referred to a higher court decision stating sexual predators must know they will pay a heavy price.

Patrick’s jail time includes one year of pre-sentence custody.

He will be on the sex offender registry for 20 years and a lifetime ban on his attendance at parks, playgrounds and schoolyards was imposed.

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