Council listens to neighbourhood, one-way signs will be taken down

Rutherglen Close residents will be able to do what they've done for years—use two lanes

Rutherglen Close, which connects Lakeshore Road with Cathcart Boulevard about halfway between Murphy and Modeland Road in Sarnia, will once again become a two-way street.

Which means one-way signs on the portion of the street that City staff erected after determining the street was too narrow to safely allow two-way traffic will be removed.

Members of City Council heeded the wishes of a majority of residents in the area at its Monday meeting.

The argument made by staff was that episodes of flooding and winter weather were reason enough to have portions of the roadway be turned into one-way only.

Transportation Association of Guidelines were cited in the staff recommendation to amend a By-law that would have made the move legal.

There is no indication that any accidents have ever occurred on Rutherglen Close.

Still, City engineer Andre Morin told Council that concerns about liability in the event of an accident were at the heart of the move to make a portion of the street one way.

The placement of signs earlier this year did not go over well with residents.

“In hindsight, in talking to my staff, we should have provided a notice to the residents when the signs were going in to advise why we were doing this and what requirements we were following and why we took action and why we did what we did,” Morin said.

Some residents have said the one-way signs had the unintended consequence of having some drivers speed up.

A petition by neighbours called for the signs to be removed.

Some expressed concerns that not being able to use all lanes of the roadway would cause problems when part of the road floods and that travelling in the winter would be impeded.

The vote to remove the one-way signs was unanimous.

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