County tackling spread of West Nile virus

Conservation Authority has been contracted to 'larvicide' catch basins

The County of Lambton, through a program set up through the St. Clair Region Conservation Authority, is fighting back against mosquitos, one of the primary ways West Nile virus is spread.

The County of Lambton is beginning a program designed to kill mosquito larvae before they can spread the West Nile virus.

The County is engaging the services of the St. Clair Conservation Authority in the program, which began Monday (June 29). Catch basins throughout the County will be treated with various chemicals approved for the purpose.

Residents are encouraged to watch for employees treating the catch basins. They will be in vehicles with a roof top yellow flashing light and caution signs.

Larviciding, which impedes mosquito larvae development, is only one measure to reduce mosquito breeding and control adult mosquito populations. Lambton Public Health is encouraging residents to remove stagnant water around their property to eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites.

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