Detailed model oil rig wows seniors, staff during presentation

'It was fascinating and the residents were so amazed'

Residence on the St. Clair residents were impressed by a model oil rig that was recently displayed in the retirement home.

A recent visitor to Residence on the St. Clair wowed residents and staff members with an elaborately detailed model of an oil rig he made from recycled materials.

The gentleman, whose name is Kasey, is a friend of one of the Sarnia retirement community’s residents, and it was during one of Kasey’s visits he asked staff if he could bring in his display to show everyone.

Staff members thought this was a great idea and encouraged Kasey to bring the model to the home. The model oil rig extends over an eight-foot table and is made from a variety of materials including curtain rods, a piece of a VCR, twigs, tin cans and old motors from computer printers.

The whole system is powered by small motors Kasey, a retired electrician, made. Kasey told residents and staff members the project was completed over the course of a winter one year. He now travels around the Sarnia area to display the model at a variety of venues.

Residence on the St. Clair social and recreation director Natalie Cataford says one of the best things about the program was Kasey’s enthusiasm and passion for his creation.

“It was fascinating and the residents were so amazed,” she tells S&R Today. “I thought it was a unique experience for the residents to see this model up close and admire the craftsmanship, and to also acknowledge the kindness of this man to bring in his model and talk to the residents about it – all for free.”

This story was provided to the Steeves & Rozema Group by Axiom News and originally appeared on the S&R Today website. Republished with permission.

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