Devil Grinder appearing tonight in Point Edward

Performance at 'Bottoms Up' is part of pre-release of upcoming CD

Bottoms Up in Point Edward welcomes local Group Devil Grinder Friday Night

They are loud and proud and working on a new CD for this spring.  Devil Grinder will perform at Bottoms Up in Point Edward for a show tonight (Friday, Dec. 1, 2017) but the story of these metal rockers, who have been together for about a year and a half, is not one that is often heard.

D’Arcy Krumholtz, who is both frontman and main writer for the group, sat down with  Lambton Shield and opened up about his life and the band.  One of the things that is different about the Devil Grinder show at Bottoms Up is that it is an all-ages show, a family-friendly event but as Krumholtz says it will deal with some hard topics.

“Our songs are about life, and it is not always pretty. I have been in four very serious car accidents, and have been left with CRPS—complex regional pain syndrome. I’m bi-polar and have attempted suicide, like, seven times.  So I know life is not all perfect, it’s far from it and we talk about those things in our songs.”

When asked about the name Devil Grinder, Krumholtz smiles because the name is not what people automatically think.  He says it came from a dream that he had over and over in his life, where he saw a machine grinding evil out of the world.

Krumholtz is a very creative person with training in graphic design. He has also worked as a computer programmer and web designer and has done painting, design and finish carpentry.

But his big passion is music. He is a collector and rebuilder of musical instruments as well as a sound and light man for many local bands.

One thing that Krumholtz says sets Devil Grinder apart from other local bands is their show set up.  While most local bands play classic rock covers, Krumholtz says, that’s nice but it gets stale.  “You can go to most bars and hear the same stuff over and over, that is not the Devil Grinder way.  If we do a cover it will be an unusual song by that band we are covering.  We are not going to play the top five Metalica songs, but some song that spoke to us.”

Krumhboltz has also been involved with Stephen Dumont’s Band Camp For Kids which happens every July at the A.W. Campbell Conservation Area near Alvinston.  Kids spend a week doing all the regular camp stuff but they also learn about music.  Krumholtz works with the young people teaching them about sound and equipment and that equipment is expensive so fixing your own gear is a key element in the music field. He says this is one of the reasons that the show on Friday night is all ages so they can give back.

After this Friday’s show,  Devil Grinder will be in the studio putting together their first CD.  Most of the tracking will be done in Krumhotlz’s own studio but he is currently seeking out a producer, and one that is versed in their style of music.

Devil Grinder hopes to have their CD ready for release in the spring of 2018.  For a preview of what to expect on the CD Devil Grinder will be at Bottoms Up Sports Bar and Grill, 607 St Clair St, Point Edward, on Friday night. Doors open at 7 p.m. and another band, Silver Stone Satellite, is sharing the stage for this all ages show. Tickets are available at the door or you can reserve your spot be calling Bottoms Up at (519) 491-2433.

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