Doug Ford visits area, says PC gov’t will return ‘Hydro One’ dividend to taxpayers

Pledges to cancel 'outrageous green energy contracts' if elected

PC leader (blue shirt) visited Reid's Farm Market on Wednesday. He is pictured with local PC candidate Bob Bailey (white shirt), Linda Reid (to Bailey's left), Sabrina Reid and Bill Reid.

Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford rolled into Reeces Corners just south of London Line on Wednesday morning, pledging to “return the Hydro One dividend to Ontario families” and cancelling what he called “outrageous green energy contracts that have stuck thousands of windmills in people’s backyards.”

Ford was visiting the farm of Bill and Linda Reid as he took time to present his key election message: that the PC party is the best equipped to lead the province after the June 7th election.

He didn’t specifically say how exactly he would pay to cancel the green energy contracts, however.

Ford kept coming back to a message that is being repeated daily as election day approaches: that the NDP can’t be trusted to govern properly.

“Andrea Horwath [the NDP leader] has a star candidate who is working on a plan to driveĀ up the price of gas by 35 cents per litre,” said Ford. “We’re going to get rid of the cap-and-trade slush fund and cut the provincial excise tax on gas so that every driver in Ontario saves 10 cents per litre.”

Ford has also pledged to lower hydro bills by 12% and cut hospital wait times by creating 15,000 new long-term care beds over the next five years.

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