Dream Home winner and family take their first look

'We've got a lot to think about,' says John Lennox, with wife and two young sons on a visit from Toronto to Camlachie on Sunday

Nelson Peters of Elite Homes, left, with Kathie Howes and John Lennox shortly after they toured their grand prize at the Bluewater Health Foundation Dream Home Lottery.

It was a relatively short drive Sunday morning for John Lennox. his wife Kathie Howes and their two sons, Greydon, 4, and Rowan, 7.

Not long before they hit Camlachie and the home they won after having the ticket Lennox bought in the Bluewater Health Dream Home Lottery being pulled as the grand prize on Friday, the sun broke through the clouds.

That “sign” brought a few laughs as the couple, along with builder Nelson Peters of Elite Homes and Johanne Tomkins, special events coordinator at the Bluewater Health Foundation, toured their new home, at 3866 Arie Court, Camlachie.

Whether the family will actually live there is still an open question.

Lennox said he and Howes and their two young boys “have a lot to think about” as they contemplate the idea of a move that really came out of the blue.

Howes and Lennox were made to feel welcome during their visit, however.

As their sons, Greydon, 4, and Rowan, 7, ran through the home as two young boys will do, the couple began taking it all in with help from Bluewater Health Foundation staff and volunteers.

Lennox works in finance at the Nature Conservancy of Canada; Howes is in communications with a Crown corporation.

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