Driver clocked at 160 km/h on Hwy. 402 faces stunt charge

stunt drivingWhat will going 160 km/h on Highway 402 get you?

If you're caught by Lambton OPP, a charge of stunt driving that carries a minimum fine of $2,000 (and as much as $10,000), plus a possible jail term, six demerit points, a seven-day license suspension and seizure of the vehicle, also for a seven-day period.

That's just what happened to a 27-year-old Waterloo man after being stopped last Friday morning (March 9) in Warwick Township, according to a news release.

The OPP release also made several important points:

  • Drivers who engage in high risk driving behaviour put everyone at risk.
  • Speeding makes it more difficult for drivers to react to changes, stop suddenly and control a vehicle.
  • In the case of a collision, the higher the speed the more severe the collision and the more likely that serious injuries or death will occur.

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